Video material

Below you will find various product and instructional videos for our products. See for example videos about the TOP-Shot Series, our specially designed scare shots to scare geese and birds flying in higher altitudes.

TOP-Shot brochures, English: TOP-Shot_Topmark_Eng_2022 

TOP-Shot Series – high performance scare shots for airports and industry

TOP-Shot Series
TOP-Shot Supreme Range (SR)

TOP-Shot Long Range (LR)

Bird bangers for farmers and businesses 

Startkit video

Skræmmeskuds intro


Rød Pyro

Grøn Pyro

Gul Pyro

Guide to weapon license

The instructions below show how to apply for a firearms permit with NemId. Please note that you must have information ready in advance:
Weapon type, Serial no. (provided by Topmark), Brand, Caliber, Loading system, Barrel length and Total length.

Vejledning til våbentilladelse

Topmark is happy to help with your online application if you call for help. However, we charge a fee of DKK 250 for the time we spend on it. The fee is charged when we send your order – upon receipt of a copy of your firearms permit.