We proudly present NovAbsorb immediate decontamination solutions, a groundbreaking product designed specifically to protect soldiers and civilians against chemical warfare agents.

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  • >99,9% decontamination efficiency tested by third-party lab (AEP-58 test standard).
  • Unparallelled absorption capacity
  • State of the art neutralization capacity
  • Superior wind and weather resistance according to field tests.

Comprised of modified diatomaceous earth and version dependent live agent. Local Danish raw material ensures high security of supply.

Available as live agent and inert in both personnel and vehicle-versions. Packaging and labelling including dispensing bottles can be customized to meet customer specific needs.


Starting as an industrial co-operation project with Seyntex NV, the original beta training version of the product was adopted by the Danish Defense as a training solution. Field tests of the training version vastly exceeded expectations, showcasing the potential of the modified diatomaceous earth, and inspiring the development of NovAbsorb, live agent.

Through extensive testing, an optimized formula was discovered and send to a third-party lab for AEP-58 test protocols with real chemical warfare agents. Test results of >99,9% decontamination efficiency confirm that our modified diatomaceous earth mix is unique!

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