NovAbsorb, live agent, vehicular

Vehicular-version of NovAbsorb, live agent, immediate decontamination solution. Delivered in a box that fits military vehicles and includes applicator mitten. See brochure of the NovAbsorb range NovAbsorb_eng_final_SeyntexEXT_24_06

NovAbsorb, live agent absorbs and neutralizes liquid chemical warfare agents. Developed upon request after our inert versions impressive test results with military end users.
NovAbsorb, live agent is lab and field-tested and has proven superior to alternatives in both absorption, neutralizing, and wind-and-weather resistance capacity due to its density.

AEP-58 test protocols showing >99,9% decontamination efficiency.

Exists in personnel and vehicular version, customizable to meet end user requirements.

Comprised by a mix of unique Danish modified diatomaceous earth and version- dependent live agents, that ensures the unique absorption combined with a neutralizing capacity.

NovAbsorb, live agent is distributed by shaking and turning the bottle. The bottles of each version includes a strainer that provides even distribution. NovAbsorb, live agent can be applied directly to contaminated area as a surface treatment or by utilizing the applicator mitten in the vehicle-version. Full CBRN protecting should be donned when facing CWA.

The density of NovAbsorb results in incomparable performance on high-viscosity contaminants when tested against alternative decontamination solutions, ensuring complete absorption and neutralization.